Clearance & Negotiation

Through many years of clearing and negotiating tracks for commercials / tv / film we have developed an acute sensibility of song/recording/market values, and a wealth of experience, essential in successful negotiation.

We offer a thorough, informed service, working in accordance with a client's specified clearance procedures, either managing the whole process or providing assistance and support in specific areas, always in complete confidence.

Our Rates Are Fixed

Our rates for clearance and negotiation are fixed, not percentage based, and bare no relation to the overall quotes/license fees we are able to obtain. Consequently our main incentive is to maximise budgets and negotiate the lowest possible quotes on behalf of our clients.

Through regular contact with major/independent record companies and publishers we are able to solicit prompt responses from companies in the UK and quickly identify and contact rights owners globally.

As part of the standard research service tracks can be pre-cleared prior to finally negotiating fees and terms, enabling agencies/producers to present tracks with confidence, and a clear idea of the likely costs involved.

We Can Work to Tight Time Frames

With prior consultation we are able to work within very tight time frames and communicate with foreign rights owners around the clock should an impending air-date require it.