Music Research

Today, more than ever before, finding the right piece of music can be a daunting task. We all now have access to vast pools of music online. Labels, publishers and music-houses continually bombard us with new music/press. Separating the wheat from the chaff involves listening to an extraordinary amount of music, and an extraordinary amount of rubbish.

As avid record collectors and producers we're continually scouring the globe for obscurities, deletions and undiscovered, original music, and relish the chance to think outside the box.

We Offer A Complete Service

In contrast to many other music supervisors and research companies, contacting record companies and publishers is only part of the service we offer.

Our aim is to provide clients with access to music that may be less easy to come by, and to expand and realise initial music briefs and ideas. We are also able to act as consultants, managing and coordinating any subsequent releases/co-promotion/marketing affiliated with a particular campaign.

We Are Always Up-to-date

Similarly through continual contact with major record companies and publishers, and a multitude of independents throughout the world, we are able to provide access to pre-release and forthcoming material, as well as up-front information regarding release schedules. We are also able to assist in co-ordinating releases/re-releases/tie-ins associated with a campaign.

We Are Able To Offer Peace Of Mind

New music supervisors seem to crop up every month. Many lack a proper understanding of music rights and/or have little experience in the synchronisation field. This ultimately puts agencies and clients at risk. All of our creative work is supported by a thorough understanding of music rights and the licensing process. Many supervisors have affiliations with particular publishers/labels/catalogues/writers, and aside from a potential conflict of interest this naturally limits their musical horizons, and makes for less extensive searches. We are entirely independent.

Searches and edits can be delivered in a variety of formats, either sent digitally via email/FTP or as hard copies on DVD/CD.